Photographic artist Bui Dang Thanh Đăng Thanh
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Full name: Bui Dang Thanh
Economics Bachelor (National Economics University Section 16)

- A.FIAP (Artist of Federation of International Photographic Art - Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique)
- E.VAPA (Excellent Artist of Vietnam Association of Photographic artists)
- ES.VAPA (Photographic artist with outstanding dedication)

Training specialist of the United Nations

Personal Artist Photography Exhibitions
- The 1st time - 2007, topic: HUMAN,  LABOR AND  LIFE
- The 2nd time - 2011, topic: FELLINGS TOWARDS LIFE



- Director of Dang Thanh Photography Training Center

- Professinal photography job training since 1980

- Training expert for the UN Organization for The Invalid and Voluntary Youths since 2004

- Training expert for the Medical Committee Netherlands -Vietnam under project "Creative Media" since 2006

- Lecturer on artistic photography, photoshop, filming for Arena Multimedia

- Lecturer on media - marketing subject, marketing faculty of Hanoi National Economics University

- Lecturer on artistic photography subject of Informatics Technology Institute, Hanoi National University

- Lecturer on artistic photography subject of Information Center, University of Sience, HCM city

- Lecturer on fashion photography subject of Design Global Group

- Specialized in photography and design for outdoor wedding albums

- Specialized in photography of samples (samples of products, goods,..)

- Advertisement designs (pages, booklets, catalogues, brand logos...)

- Service photography